Photo by: Sinty Cosplay

Kimio’s Haven: Host

Give a warm welcome to our host for Magicon Evolution: Kimio’s Haven!

‘How did you acquire such an esteemed host?’ we hear you ask.
We’ll let Kimio tell this story in their own words:

“Want to hear our favorite example of the butterfly effect? First, you post a joke panel on your instagram story, where you suggest interviewing cosplayers as Philomena Cunk, in an in-character panel. Suddenly, you get contacted by Magicon who wants to make it a reality, because a crew member got very invested in said joke (looking at you, Info Chief Juju). Take up the offer, make the panel a reality, host it at Magicon 2023. Later that; year get contacted about taking the host role to a new level. At last, become the new main host of Magicon Evolution!”