A big thank you to everyone who shared their experience, this is very valuable for us, and we will make adjustments based on this feedback.

As some of you know, we ran 3 small raffles collecting money for Cosplay Against Cancer (CaC) at Magicon Elevation. Due to a misunderstanding on how the Vipps solution worked we were ultimately unable to contact a winner.

We got this very good question from @fimbulcosplay on IG. Why is this year’s Magicon called Elevation? What does that even mean? Let’s start from the bottom…

We know that quite a few of you out there have been asking us if we intend to sell 1-day tickets. And the answer is YES! Magicon is now launching 1-day tickets!

Join the Magicon crew for an epic Birthday stream! On the 25th of February 2023 it will be one year since the very first Magicon convention became a reality. And we feel like it’s an occasion worth celebrating.