Salty Effect

We’re happy to announce that Salty will be returning to this year’s MagiCon as our host and guest! ⭐️

Salty did an incredible job last time and gave us a phenomenal drag show we’ll never forget. Now they’re ready to jump right back into the cosplay world, and of course – show us more drag! You can always expect a spectacular show when Salty’s on stage!

About Salty ⭐️ From the forest in Eidsvoll to the Burlesque Festival in Croatia to Norway’s Got Talent, Salty has made their mark in the drag and burlesque community since 2017.

Since last time Salty has been a part of the TV2 reality-show Drags, where they and other norwegian drag queens gave us insight into the norwegian drag community 💜 So if you can’t wait until June for more Salty goodness we recommend you go check that out!