Raptor Jules

RaptorJules is launching a physical comic book at Magicon Elevation 2023!

Julie Royce-Andersen aka Raptorjules is an American digital artist and comic creator living in Norway. They’ve been making comics for over five years, with their first project being an on-going webcomic series called Seemingly Dark. Their art and stories are focused around supernatural things. They love ghost stories and anything spooky, also telling stories about love, healing, and finding yourself. You can find their work on both Webtoon and Tapas. 

We are so excited for RaptorJules exclusive comic book launch during the convention!! They will be launching physical copies of their newest graphic novel, Mil-Liminal. The graphic novel is a horror-comedy love story about compromise, long distance relationships, and learning to balance the ghosts of your past with the demons of your present.

Mil-Liminal synopsis

Hopeless romantic Jonathan O’Sullivan struggles to find his place in his charismatic partner’s fast-paced life. Superstar Caro Greene, voice of the smash-hit horror podcast Mil-Liminal, is always on the move, and Johnny is finding it harder and harder to keep up. Can he figure out a way to pull himself out of the background of Caro’s life, all while dodging the supernatural trouble that follows them both wherever they go?