Cowbutt Crunchies

You heard right; The American cosplay couple Cowbutt Crunchies will be coming to MagiCon Elevation 2023! This skilled duo has over two decades worth of experience within the cosplay community. They specialize in complex wigwork, couture cosplay, detailwork that even a perfectionist wouldn’t be able to criticize, and much more! In addition to Regan having won several cosplay competitions, we’ve also seen the couple show off their wonderful creations on prime time television and online featurettes, including ABC’s “To Tell the Truth” and Adam Savage’s “Tested.” They are the authors of two cosplay books, with a third book on the way.

This will be Cowbutt Crunchies’ first trip to Scandinavia and they’re very eager to learn more about what the Norwegian cosplay community has to offer.