Magicon Elevation Raffle Issue

As some of you know, we ran 3 small raffles collecting money for Cosplay Against Cancer (CaC) at Magicon Elevation.

Due to a misunderstanding on how the Vipps solution worked we were ultimately unable to contact a winner.

We’ve now informed all the contributors and CaC about the situation and showed them the sales reports.

So this is what we’ll do to rectify this:

  1. We’ll double the amount that came in through the raffle and transfer it to CaC.
  2. Anyone who joined the raffle and would like a refund can do so by emailing the transaction number to [email protected] (You can find the transaction number by clicking on that payment in Vipps).
  3. The contributor of the prizes has been offered a return of the items donated, but if they choose to not take them back, they’ll be added to a better planned raffle next year.

We’re sorry about this hiccup!