What does Elevation even mean?

We got this very good question from @fimbulcosplay on IG:

Good question, why is this year’s Magicon called Elevation? What does that even mean? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?

Let’s start from the bottom, we originally chose the name for ourselves, we wanted to elevate what we did for Magicon Origins into something more. Let’s look at Oxford Languages definition of the word:

  1. Raise or lift (something) to a higher elevation.
  2. Raise to a more important or impressive feat.

How have we tried to achieve this?

  1. We doubled the number of available tickets as we sold out so fast last time. We’re all about inclusiveness, so why shouldn’t we offer this opportunity to more people?
  2. We tripled the amount of stages.
  3. We lowered the price of tickets.
  4. We doubled the amount of international guests.
  5. We raised the prizes in all of the competitions.
  6. We raised the number of panellists who’ve never had a panel in Norway before.
  7. We’ve added courses for our crew to add to the value of being a crewmember.
  8. We added the opportunity to qualify for an international Cosplay Competition.

So, we feel like we’ve elevated Magicon from the success that it was, into something even better for the community.

When it comes to what this means for you, it’s more complex.
At our core, Cosplay is whatever each and everyone of us wants it to be. Want to make a cosplay out of what’s in your closet, go for it! Want to buy a premade costume from China? Go for it! Want to make a costume over 3 years, handcrafting every detail to its absolute perfection? Go for it! We want it all, but only as long as YOU are having a good time. We want you to do you, and have the best time of your life no matter what!

Short sighted critics might say: “Elevation, that sounds like you’re not good enough and have to do better”. That’s not what we want at all. We want each and every one of you to look for opportunities to improve your Con experience. That might be to NOT improve your cosplay, through not con-crunching and just enjoying the company of your friends and Magicon.

Elevation does not include a noun, so it’s up to each and everyone of you to decide what that means. For us it means to create the best Con experience we can for you. For you… well, whatever you decide to define that as. Come as you are, or as you want to be.

/The Producer