MagiCon 2022 experience survey results

As a part of our transparency pledge we present to you the results of visitor’s satisfaction survey we’ve had going after the convention.

As a new player in the Norwegian Convention scene, it’s absolutely critical that we listen to the community and always develop to improve the experience for everyone. The amount of variables that has to be taken into account can be overwhelming, but we’re happy to say that considering it was our first Con, you, the visitors, seemed to have a great time.

Let’s take a look at the results!

First, Communication, both before and after the Con.

This is such an important thing to get right, as it builds trust, professionalism and to a large extent the overall experience.
On the question of the quality of the communication going out before the Convention we got an average score of 88%. We’re happy with this score and we’re glad that the vast amount of work we put into SoMe and the Web page paid off.

On the question of the quality of the communication going out during the Convention we got an average score of 83%. This is still very good, but as always there’s room for improvement. A great example here is our decision to not print the program. This was done based on the observation that most visitors have their phone in their hand almost at all times, but also to create less waste. A few of you commented that you’d prefer if we printed the program, so this is something we’re going to have to look into.

Next: Stands

We really really tried to get a varied selection of both Art Stands and Commercial Stands. Our biggest challenge was space. There’s so many awesome artists out there, but with the venue we had, we could only fit 8 Art Stands. As we grow, in the future we hope to welcome many, if not all, who’d like to have an Art Stand at Magicon.
On the question on how happy you were with the selection of stands at Magicon 2022 we got an average score of 86%. I’m very interested in how this score changes in our coming Cons.

Next up: The Program

Ah yes, the program. Making it takes up the majority of hours put into making a Cosplay Convention.
The average score of the program was 86%, with the lowest individual average score at 80% and the highest individual average score at 96%. This is pretty damn awesome, but what’s interesting is that it’s also where we got the most written feedback. We’re not sure what to conclude here, but the gist is that “there was too much fun going on at all times during the convention”. We will of course take this into consideration going forward, but it’s unlikely that we’ll stop filling the schedule with as much and varied content as possible.

Next: General Feedback

We have received hundreds of messages with constructive feedback. This is invaluable for the continuous improvement of Magicon. There’s so many details I could go into here, but the more common negative ones were: space, too packed program, queuing, lack of staffed wardrobe and seating. The amount of positive feedback was overwhelming, over 95% said they had nothing to complain about. I’m still trying to distil this feedback into something tangible, but for now, a massive thank you for all your kind words!

I’ll let the numbers speak for themself:

How likely is it that you would recommend Magicon to a friend? – 94%
Rate Magicons first attempt at making a Convention. – 92%

In summary we’re very pleased with the scores you have given us. We promise to continue using your feedback to shape Magicon into something truly magical!

I’ll keep grinding the numbers, and the next post in this series will be about what it was like working with us as an invited guest/Art Stand/Commercial Stand/etc.

We believe in transparency, and will therefore keep sharing information like this. It shows that we listen, but it also makes data available to anyone else who might find it useful, for example other new Cosplay Conventions. I know data like this would have been very useful to have when we started Magicon.

That’s all from me for now, if you have any questions, make sure to let us know on [email protected]

Christopher – Producer Magicon 2022